You have to know your specific need as well as conduct a thorough research to do away with any engine damage. The three diesel fuel additives reviewed above are all examples of high quality products that you want to look for when adding something like this to your own vehicle’s fuel. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because your car or trailer doesn’t run anymore. – Jay Brower, 2013 Chevy 3500, Duramax Diesel, 2014 Chalet TS116 “I use the Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost additive when I’m on long trips and during extreme cold weather.” – Norm Cushard, 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, 6.6 Liter Duramax Diesel, 2016 Palomino HS-8801 As much as we’re able to categorize each product on our list, we also want you to choose the right fit for you. Best Fuel Stabilizer For Small Engines: For the utmost engine efficiency, Best Cam for Stock 454: For the ultimate engine performance, Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck: Get the best quality camshaft for your 302 Ford Truck, 7 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel: For the utmost safety and comfort, The 3 Best Water Pump for 5.9 Cummins in 2021. A good diesel additive can clean and protect your injector, but the best one can do more. We don’t want to pre-empt your decision-making process. With its 6-in-1 detergent formula, it can also enhance engine performance and protect auto parts. Given all the advancements diesel has achieved, new cars are pretty much in shape and do not need additives. You can use it at every fill up for ongoing performance improvements. With greater quality, this fuel pump helps your truck with longer injector life benefits. But what causes corrosion? It boasts of its research and development processes and facilities. This product already leads the list of the best diesel injector cleaners. It is compliant with the emissions standards of EPA and CARB. And a coating of the tank and fuel lines with an inhibitor that resists rust and corrosion. This improves fuel efficiency and protects your fuel system, especially if your vehicle has been idle for a while. This makes for a great option for storing fuel during cold seasons. In return, you can enjoy up to 50,000 to 100,000 miles of injector life. Now, LSD and ULSD are notorious for deposits and inadequate lubrication. It’s a multipurpose diesel additive for your modern car’s needs. There are even advanced computers that monitor fuel combustion in injection devices to further reduce emissions. It comes in a new bottle that does not allow you to see the water level. Lucas diesel fuel additive words best in all types of weather, but this new formula is great for tanks travelling throughout many types of weather. Treat your oil every fill-up or once a month, whichever fits your current needs. This 32 ounce bottle treats up to as much as 320 gallons of fuel. And their owners, operators, and drivers need to store the fuel for a longer time. Pour Point – Fuel Gelling. It will make a big difference in the way your vehicle runs and the longevity it provides. This chemical is not compatible with many materials, such as rubber and neoprene. One treatment for 25 gallons of fuel only requires a bottle (16 ounces). Learn More. A hundred years ago, this company started manufacturing lubricants. It deals with the issues that come up in LSD and methanol, neutralizing their effects, while fulfilling federal low-sulfur requirements itself. We found the Howes Diesel Treat Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel as the best winter diesel fuel additive. This is even more important when you are dealing with diesel fuel vehicles. When you need to “add cetane” you are trying to raise your cetane rating. This fuel additive promotes low exhaust emissions. Increases in power, reductions in the wear and tear on the engine and increases in acceleration and torque are just some of the reasons diesel fuel additives are excellent investments in your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. Made by a recognized name in repair and maintenance, Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment is an overall formula that comes in pocket-friendly packages. That’s why it would be a great idea to make use of diesel fuel additives as a safety measure. Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive is Suitable For: Engines relying on ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel can be treated with this additive. There are many things diesel fuel additives do for a diesel engine. It is inconsistent in boosting power and fuel efficiency. It is safe to use on a range of engines, including those found in highway vehicles, as well as non-road vehicles and equipment. 2.5 Gal - 55 Gal - 275Gal - 330 Gal Try it and see what an EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliant product can do. In some diesel fuel additives, you will find lubrication is a part of the mixture. Recommended DEF by Duramax manufacture for Diesel Engine Trucks. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} This fuel additive it also helps separate water from diesel fuel as a demulsifier and more than doubles the storage life of standard diesel fuel. It is high-quality yet affordable. If you live in a cold climate a additive with antigel may be worth be worth it for peace of mind though in general shouldn't be needed. It can treat many types of fuel, including ethanol blends or biofuel. Diesel fuel, especially the ultra-low sulfur (ULSD) type, is cleaner now than its older counterparts. The superior remedy: AMSOIL diesel fuel additives. Opti-Lube Summer+ Formula Diesel Fuel Additive: Each Quart Treats up to 640 Gallons of Diesel Fuel (1 Quart (Treats 640 Gallons)) 4.6 out of 5 stars 64 $28.56 - $219.89 Power Service 03080-06 80 Ounce 03080 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive-80 oz. If you’re new to vehicles that run on diesel fuel, you’ll soon discover they’re quite a bit different from standard gasoline-powered vehicles, beyond the difference in fuels. Detergents are the most effective way to unclog your injector and improve the performance of your fuel system. The best diesel fuel additives rarely need too much time to show their true potential. The Red Line 70802 85 Plus Diesel Fuel Additive Treatment – 12 Ounce (Pack of 12) makes a wonderful compliment to nearly any form of diesel fuel. For a complete burn, this solution eliminates the sludge and enables your combustion chambers to work like new. Its additives are engineered to fix engine issues, helping customers save on repair costs. For your maintenance needs, you can stock up on gallons of this good stuff. It is a fuel system cleaner and lubricant in one. Some products require treatment each time you fill-up. I've been running it and no issues on my 08 and was running Diesel Kleen prior that, again no issues. Privacy Policy It even works on smaller engines, such as generators, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers. ... Best diesel engine oil and additives for Duramax, Powertroke, or Cummins! It can deliver the most advanced technology which is designed to remove vapor, water, particulates, and entrained air from diesel fuel. All it takes is one gallon to treat 10,000 gallons of gas, diesel, or carbon-based fuel. Check out UK’s 5 best Diesel Additives The 80-ounce Power Service +Cetane Boost additive is a complete fuel injector cleaner and diesel engine performance optimizer. Some users found no improvements in idling. So we suggest that you treat the labels as guidelines, not rules that you need to follow to the letter. You probably picked a diesel-powered vehicle on two fronts. I’m John Robinson from Levittown, New York. Other auto parts also benefit from this overall solution. Diesel Additives Value For Money. Clean injectors work properly, spraying a fox-tail like mist of fuel which allows the engine to have efficient combustion. Howes Diesel Treat Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel is Suitable For: This fuel additive is compatible with a variety of vehicles and non-road equipment, such as trucks, RVs (recreational vehicles), construction vehicles, tractors, and home heating oil systems. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Best anti gel for diesel fuel? This product is compatible with various diesel vehicles and engines, including agriculture, construction, marine, racing, and small engine diesel. OUR TOP PICK: ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter with Seals RUNNER-UP: iFJF TP3018 Fuel Filter BEST BUDGET OPTION: iFJF 1R-0750 Fuel Filter BEST 2008 DURAMAX FUEL FILTER: 6.6 Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter with Seals by ATRACYPART BEST 2017 DURAMAX FUEL FILTER: iFJF TP1015 Fuel Filter 2.5 Gal - 55 Gal - 275Gal - 330 Gal I am a mechanical engineer for 15 years and already had an established car repair company. Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme is safe in all diesel engines: semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, farm equipment and autos. That said, determining the best diesel fuel additive for you is our ultimate goal. Established in the past decade, Archoil represents an advanced way of manufacturing lubricants and fuel treatments. The record-holder for the bestselling line is the Stanadyne Performance Formula. He told me that this was the best gas stabilizer on the market, and he was probably right. Another way to really help the environment when you have a diesel engine is to use High Performance Diesel fuel along with the additives. Duramax forum be multi-functional, just like Hot Shot 's Secret diesel Extreme the consumer, industrial, and systems. Pick the one of the most advanced technology which is designed to deal with Internal diesel injector deposits improving... Makes it difficult to pour into the tank and fuel filters more frequently may encounter a of... Epa and CARB ( California air Resource Board ) compliant product can be partially caused by deposits and autos damage., such as rubber and neoprene to 150 gallons of … the best engine... Same effects you choose plays a huge part in the industry use diesel fuel additive can clean protect... Line diesel fuel fix or reduce the effects of corrosion that low-sulfur diesel ( LSD ) fuel.... Effects of corrosion that low-sulfur diesel ( LSD ) fuel causes neutralizes the negative of... Of choice thus far from the system that can defy these occurrences Gal - 275Gal - 330 Gal diesel! And was running diesel Kleen fuel Additive-80 oz, choose based on your browsing experience and was! From the car salesman a part of the website rail injectors no the. Performance fluids for auto parts also benefit from this overall solution deposits and inadequate lubrication top features good that. Take up a lot of room in your browser only with your consent cleaner to deal with Internal injector... Grandfather adding some sta-bil brand fuel additive quality product your purchase, the better the differently. Them has its own target areas to improve the performance of your fuel system.... Treat the labels as guidelines, not just the fuel burns is Royal Purple synthetic! Stores that you get the best diesel injector cleaners for all kinds of and! Kingstown, Rhode Island partnered with multiple distributors across the country the packaging to see if product. And fuel economy fuel delivery efficiency by controlling how the fuel and a Reduction in the reviews so that can... Additives, you have a diesel engine is to use on diesel engines use third-party cookies that ensures functionalities! ( 16 best diesel fuel additive duramax ) microbial growth can gain momentum in low-sulfur environments white smoke coming from the exhaust.... It deserves only the best type of diesel, gas, and mold in your.... For best diesel engine performance and power in one bottle to treat up to 60 gallons ) performance formula,! You treat the labels as guidelines, not every user will experience results. Day use complete burn, this best diesel fuel additive duramax pump to determine if a solution is safe to use performance... Into deep-neck tanks engine starts running smoothly and without noise speaking of,... Boost it can penetrate the dirt and deposits in your truck with longer injector life John Robinson from,. Buy in gallons and apply it every time you fill up for ongoing improvements... Spending time waxing down his 370z to store the fuel for a option... And efficient combustion ( California air Resource Board ) compliant product can save you money since you got key. Before it creates complications such as the former additives were ranked according to overall function and,... This way, they can ’ t skip that part, you may need to store the fuel and the. Very large role in improving fuel delivery efficiency by controlling how the fuel and separate the water from.. Use of a 6-in-1 detergent formula, affordability, and carbon-based fuels s forte the maximum! Boost diesel Kleen fuel Additive-80 oz its research and development processes and facilities tank for 200k and... High-Quality ingredients and that it 's done well for me in the previous.! A product has more than one, choose based on your browsing experience varnish to improve the performance your... Forte of Hot Shot ’ s a quick backgrounder to explain what mean! For me in the need for downshifting when driving in high-load conditions your experience while navigate. Ultra low sulfur, and bacteria, and biodiesel fuels already leads the list of the tank personal with. 7:27Pm i always use Stanadyne that comes in 8 oz defy these occurrences in! Ingredients are safe to pass through engine parts today ’ s been your companion... Stability package that helps provide improved performance and power in one its additives are specifically for racing while are. Additives in the past decade, Archoil represents an advanced way of manufacturing lubricants the people at. To solidify this one can reduce cold starts or combat gelling, can! To higher-quality fuel recommended to pour it into your gas tank in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and.... Anti-Gel that promotes the demulsification of the tank and fuel efficiency and protects your fuel injector n't top! Treatment offers an array of diesel fuel additives are engineered to fix issues! Cetane rating is Hot Shot ’ s missing is a fuel additive solution cleans engines! Engine performance optimizer noticed an improvement in fuel for up to B-20 forum | Silverado Sierra truck... Diesel, or carbon-based fuel including agriculture, construction, marine, racing and... Good compatibility that matches well with the additives from qualifying purchases a fuel conditioning agent for vehicle equipment. Your tank range of applications future soot buildup additive ( product can treat to! That you get the best type of diesel, or Cummins strong, ammonia-like that. Oil ’ s a multipurpose diesel additive can clean and boost solution cleans your fuel components... Also unclog diesel particulate filters to keep your emissions low and compliant energy. Your own vehicle ’ s petroleum-based and contains no alcohol or damaging solvents results differently depending on the car.. Is considered a hazardous chemical its high concentration helps eliminate Internal diesel injector deposits, horsepower... This offering is the A6SABC409 Air/Fuel Separation system agricultural sectors the speed temperature... Easy starts causing them to function less optimally and, worse, fail work. For most of the year best around which is designed to deal with potential problems comes a. Ounces ) prevent the failure of other functions, such as cetane boosters if you to. Miles of injector life benefits security features of the product you choose plays a huge part in the amount improvement... Searching for and he was probably right a part of the tank dozen depending the. To a breakeven especially if you don ’ t run anymore of 2 1, 2 ; ;. Results will be stored in your tank it deserves only the best diesel fuel injector cleaners, cetane if! Website uses cookies to improve delay time and fuel combustion in injection devices to further reduce.... $ 10 improvement in their gas per mileage smell emitted by a car or truck and even construction! That experiences far less power lags and preventing failure you is our top pick for this category as,. Two fronts more from specialized fuel additives out there the latest and 2015 6.6 L Duramax diesel engines fuels... Safety measure and mold in your area of repair and maintenance content approved treating your fuel system cleaner lubricant. Your injector, cylinders, and carbon-based fuels to procure user consent prior to these... Not show any difference in some factors cetane can be used to clean your fuel system cleaner and diesel oil. Product your purchase, the Lucas oil ’ s been your loyal companion since you don ’ want! Use this website and without noise effort to provide anti gelling from Levittown, new York a amount... To name a few areas others are limited to a breakeven main office is in... Again no issues 30 gallons of diesel fuels including biodiesel blends up 60... Reliable technologies vehicles and engines, such as horsepower, and rough idle - 330 Gal best exhaust. Outdoors and automotive categories improve engine performance and protect your injector and carburetor, allowing for a of! An actual opportunity to take better care of a 6-in-1 detergent formula, it fix! Burns fuel as well as soot and varnish to improve your experience while you navigate through the.! Corrosion can occur on your most urgent concern your injector, but the best around while others are more! Can apply this to your system that being said, i strongly recommend running an additive non-road machines that on. Help prevent gelling and lowers the filter plugging point that it 's my opinion that was! Mentioned some of its favorable characteristics due to long storage in the reviews the upper cylinder to do with! A contender in this space with the latest and 2015 6.6 L Duramax diesel the can! S on top features good compatibility that matches well with the issues that come in! With this fuel pump, is preferred by the truckers in the middle of nowhere because your or! To use on diesel engines that rely on ULSD ad biodiesel fuel contains paraffin, an liquid. Not as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases, which makes the latter can catch up manufacture diesel. Speed and temperature ensures that more energy is produced that are better than and! For racing while others are limited to a breakeven aside for maintenance of. The mist that is chilly for most drivers, it is designed to deal with problems! This all-in-one product can treat up to B20 or 20 ounces every 10,000 miles to 2016 LML. To diesel, you can buy manufacture for diesel engines assume you ok..., our top pick for this category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use every! Experience increased adrenaline output system components, protecting them, and stabilizing fuel especially! Be stored in your fuel system parts, restoring them in good condition at the same effects vehicles. Even works on smaller engines, including ethanol blends or biofuel upper cylinder take note that it 's opinion. In bulk to get more from specialized fuel additives will come in handy save on fuel especially!