Sonic Academy Paolo Mojo Remix Competition

And yes, finally we can officially announce that our Remix “Kangiten” by Paolo Mojo won the 1st prize of the  Sonicacadwmy contest!Many thanks for the support! We are so thrilled to be the winners of this contest! It was a challenge and a honor to be working on a track by such a great artist! We really like to express our gratitude to you for choosing us as there were some stunning remixes by other artists as well!
🤗Really worth the prize to get sone cool stuff on  Sonicacademywebsite. We’ re sure we’ll improve even more our sound with that👍🏻.


here you can hear all the remixes of the competition.


Paolo said – “one of the best sounding mixes from a mix point of view and sound design, arrangement all very accomplished. Sticks to my chord progression but uses some great new instrumentation – the 5 note overlapping arpeggio is very effective, with slight modulation of the volume envelope (attack) giving some of those characteristic bodzin esque smears. The change up to C sharp I like a lot too. I think this is my overall winner.”

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