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🎛🎶Thanks to @djhernancattaneo to play Rip Current from our upcoming Ep released by @nikkoz_ @dopamine_music

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Pubblicato da D-RHAPSODY su Giovedì 21 dicembre 2017


The latest release from Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music welcomes D-Rhapsody to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Italy, Max Orian and Alberto Gasparini make up the D-Rhapsody production duo. After forming the partnership in 2015 Max and Alberto have built an impressive discography, highlighted by releases on Natura Viva and Stellar Fountain. Now making their much anticipated debut on Dopamine Music, D-Rhapsody present their ‘Rip Current’ EP.

Spread out over four tracks, the title and showcase piece ‘Rip Current’ sets the tone for the entire release. Beginning with a deep, meditative groove, organic percussion and cosmic effects you’re immediately sucked into its sonic charm. Evolving into an emotive nine minute journey with cinematic synth swells and tantalizing electronics. ‘Mad Spirals’ continues the astral narrative with a deep, gritty yet invitingly warm character. Backed by a chugging groove the track moves through a free flowing storyboard of spaced out motifs, eventually culminating with poignant chord changes and a piano-led break.

The EP’s third selection ‘Thousand Words’ is perhaps its most expansive and spiritual creation. Clocking in at nearly eleven minutes it’s distinctly modern with effervescent electronics and a memorable vocal theme. It’s unpredictable lead heightens both tension and drama, particularly during an exhilarating third act finale that sits as a high point on the release. Winding to a close with ‘Cycles’ D-Rhapsody explores quirky electronics and pulsating, techno inspired grooves. Perfectly dialled for peak time play it’s an energetic, concise and percussive jaunt into progressive techno, rounding out a superb collection of music from D-Rhapsody which would have to be considered their most accomplished work to date. 2018 holds much promise for this Italian duo so make sure you’re locked in for the ride.

Words by Mitch Alexander (Change Underground).
Artwork by Dimitrios Papanikos.
Distributed by Proton.

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