Entropya 25 November 2017

Let’s check a brand new episode of our podcast to warm you up with all the tunes we picked for you, just good vibes and progressive beats!


1 All the Right Endings Marino Canal
2 Meteora (Original Mix) Moonwalk
3 Tell Me (feat. Mira J) [Ezequiel Arias Space Mix] Galestian
4 Haumea (Love over Entropy Edition) Masaya
5 Forbidden History (Original Mix) D-Nox & Beckers
6 Why So Serious (BAAL Remix) Hans Zimmer
7 Consciously Isolated (Original Mix) Imperieux
8 Andranik (Gorge & Homm Remix) Darius Syrossian
9 Oblivion (HOSH Remix) Simon Berry, Luke Brancaccio
10 Cloudspotting (Original Mix) Orsen

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